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BoneAlbumin is a bone substitute obtained from living donors.

Living tissue donation means that the femoral head (a “bone ball” of 5 cm in diameter) is removed during hip replacement. Bone granule, block (regular solid bodies of different size: cube, prism, cylinder, ring, etc.) or individual 3D forms shaped by CT scan are made from this bone ball.

Corticocancellous granules

Small granules (0.5-1.0 mm)
Medium granules (0.5-1.5 mm)
Large granules (1.0-2.0 mm)

Cortical granules (BMG)

Granule size: 0.5-1.5 mm

Cancellous block

8x8x8 mm
8x8x16 mm
10x10x10 mm
10x10x20 mm

Corticocancellous block

10x10x10 mm,

covered with a cortical plate on one side

10x10x20 mm,

covered with a cortical plate on one of the large sides

Cortical plate

15 x 10 x 2 mm

3D CadCam individual bone block

Computer-planned based on cranial CT scan

Detailed information (live)
By phone
Western Hungary: Zsuzsanna Bánki +3670 614 5312  zsuzsanna.banki@orthosera.com
Budapest and Eastern Hungary: Maja Lutring +3670 623 2361    maja.lutring@orthosera.com
What is individual bone block?

An individual bone block is an individualized bone block pre-designed with a computer based on a cranial CT scan, which is carved from a rectangular, sterile, human and raw bone block into the pre-designed form. It is cleaned and sterilized again after the carving, coated with albumin protein and lyophilized. Then it is transported to the site of the implantation in a sterile package.

How much does it cost and how to order it?
Request a price by phone:
Western Hungary: Zsuzsanna Bánki +3670 614 5312  zsuzsanna.banki@orthosera.com
Budapest and Eastern Hungary: Maja Lutring +3670 623 2361    maja.lutring@orthosera.com
How is it made?

A cranial CBCT scan is required for the planning; it can be performed in the clinic; if the clinic doesn’t have a CT-scanner or a partner in imaging, you can visit our regional partner. We will inform you whether the accuracy of the scan was appropriate after receiving it. (If it was performed by our regional partner, we will inform them.) Planning is started when the CBCT scan is appropriate; if it is not we will suggest a proper setup for the CT-scanner and the scan must be repeated. If the clinic is unable to perform a proper CT scan you should visit our regional partner. The planning takes a week if the proper CT scan is available, and then we will send it to our Client for approval. This will be repeated after every change requested until the plan is approved. The carving, which takes a week, is started when we receive the approval; we send the carved bone block to the Tissue Bank of the Manufacturer where it is cleaned, sterilized, coated with albumin protein and lyophilized. Therefore, the process takes 4 weeks without the communication period. If the required size differs from the usual one, it may take longer. The completed individual bone block is transported to the site of implantation.

How long does it take?

The duration of the planning and implementation is 1+3 weeks; the first week starts only when the proper CBCT scan is available. This is the planning period. The three-week-long period is started when we get the planning approved by the Client. The carving of the bone block, its cleaning and re-sterilization are performed meanwhile; the bone block is coated with albumin protein, then it is lyophilized and sterile packaged at the end of the process, and it is ready for transport. Therefore, the time required for communication, the repetition of the CBCT scan (if necessary) or the redesign are not included in the 1+3-week period.

Things you should know before ordering

Close communication is required during the implementation of the individual bone block to speed up the completion and to get a more accurate result. If you or your partner physician are unable to perform a proper CBCT scan with the available CT-scanner, the planning is performed only after a CBCT scan by our regional imaging partner. Appropriate computer equipment is required in your practice to transport the CT scans and view the plans, and therefore the download of 1-2 new programs may be necessary.