PERISOLV Biofilm Eraser

PERISOLV: Effective Biofilm Eraser

Periodontitis, peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis are bacterial inflammations with similar symptoms. The underlying cause of all three indications, which progress in a similar way, is bacterial plaque forming a biofilm, rich in pathogenic bacteria. The softening of the biofilm and effective elimination of the bacteria is the key prerequisite for successful treatment of these conditions.



  • Elimination of the biofilm
  • Improved mucositis treatment
  • Reduction of pocket depth even in persistent pockets
REGEDENT manufacturer and distributor

Manufactured and distributed by REGEDENT AG, Zollikerstrasse 144, CH – 8008 Zürich

The official Hungarian distributor of the product is the OrthoSera Dental (H-1121 Budapest, Tállya u. 23.